wxerlang workups

Important note on wx.hrl

wx.hrl is a file that is 3700 lines long. It contains 3332 definitions, more or less.

Most definitions start with wx, but some start with WX. If you encounter a macro of the likes of
?wxSOMETHING, most likely it's in wx.hrl.

The reason for the macros is that most of these convert into numbers for internal use by the wxWidgets.  It is easier to remember "wxHORIZONTAL" when you want something to be placed horizontally, than it is to remember that to use '4' as the parameter.

Finding out what all the possible choices are for any particular type of widget is incredibly tedious. The erlang docs will refer you to the C++ docs, where you can try to find something that looks similar to the wxSOMETHING you started with. Good luck with that.

The main thing to remember about wx.hrl, besides including it, is to alway use

Don't hard code the path.

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